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Welcome to my amazing website.

Hey! I'm Thomas, a 17y old French student. I use this website to showcase my projects.

What I do

I'm really interested in low level stuff. As such, my languages of choice are C and assembly, most of the time for x86 UNIX systems. My most famous achievements are the creation of a custom UNIX libc, as well as the DxBorks operating system. I'm currently a student in France, enjoying my time on Earth! Also, all my projects are licensed under the GPL v3 license!

My big projects

I worked on a lot of stuff. Some of my projects are either dead, deleted, or not worth talking about anymore. But I also have some projects I consider amazing, including the UNIXLIB library, and the DxBorks operating system.

DxBorks is an operating system for x86 platforms. Unlike other operating systems, it can be considered a massive virtualization hypervisor! Each program runs in an isolated environment, with its own registers and values, and a custom instruction set (with each instruction only requiring one cycle to complete!). The OS will execute one cycle on each VM before looping back, therefore executing instructions until the programs stop working. It doesn't feature a GNOME-class UI though, a good ol' TTY will greet you on startup.

UNIXLIB is a UNIX libc implementation. I didn't care about most of the stuff in a good libc: I left asside error checking functions, cross platform features, and nice security features to focus on raw speed and optimization, as well as ease of understanding. I didn't work on this project alone: thanks to many people around the world, helping as part of the hacktoberfest, this project grew bigger than expected and is perfectly usable!

I write programming tutorials:

Some SCPs:

Some DxBorks kernels:

Download my Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyiojin) 3-Dimensionnal Maneuver Gear blueprints

Contacting me

You should first check out my Github account. If you want to contact me in a more... personal way, feel free to email me at!