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Hey! I'm Thomas, a 17y old French student at Epitech Toulouse. I use this website to showcase my projects.

A bit about myself

I'm really interested in low level stuff. As such, my languages of choice are C and assembly, most of the time targeting Linux-86_64. Prior to starting my computer science studies at Epitech Toulouse, I made my own libc as well as my own operating system, and lots of other stuff too! I live in Colomiers, France, and have dreams of flying over to the UK and spending my life there. It does seem quite expensive though.

What I do

Obviously, lots of programming in C. But I have some other hobbies! I got into woodworking a while ago. I'm also an amateur chemist, loving organic chemistry and learning as much as I can in my free time, I even have some glassware and reagents in my garage! Enough for some Fischer esterifications and other basic organic reactions. Lesser hobbies include cosplaying at conventions (I spend MONTHS working on my costumes), rabbits, and cooking!

My big projects

DxBorks is an operating system for x86 platforms. Unlike other operating systems, it can be considered a massive virtualization hypervisor! Each program runs in an isolated environment, with its own registers and values, and a custom instruction set.

UNIXLIB is a Linux libc implementation. I didn't care about most of the stuff in a good libc: I left aside error checking functions, cross platform and security features to focus on just making something cool. I didn't work on this project alone: thanks to many people around the world, helping as part of the 2016 Hacktoberfest, this project grew bigger than expected and is perfectly usable!

I like the SCP Foundation and wrote some drafts.

I also LOVE Attack on Titan! I made a 3-Dimensional Maneuver Gear replica, here are the blueprints.

Contacting me

You should first check out my Github account. You can also email me at